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Tko. operate from Serbia with a hand - picked team to deliver 24/7, fast resolutions for our clients. Our recruiting and management engine can deliver 50+ trained agents in one month. Companies work with us to scale their operation quickly while improving key metrics such as response to the resolution, CSAT, NPS, and revenue per customer.

  • Delivering a flexible customer experience on brand and at scale.
  • Flexibility built for high-growth brands
  • Respond fast to every customer


Talent on-demand

Hire a dedicated, Skilled remote employee in less than a week.



Say goodbye to profit-guzzling expenses like office rent, taxes, hardware, etc


No Commitment

Move your service up or down based on when you need us.

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Hard Workers

How we help

Every productive organization begins with a well-thought-out strategy. Our intelligent team will ensure the success of your project. We are there for you at every stage of your business.

Flexible hours

We can work 24/7, after hours, weekends or during the work day

Authentic conversations at scale

Our service is fast, while every communication is human and considered.

Launch in 1 week

We always have agents ready to start in one week. We pre-train your staff so we can ramp up quickly.

Grow your business faster

24/7 sales, lead development and appointment setting

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Outsourcing allows you to focus on your core business; it gives your company access to a higher level of expertise than you usually can afford. It means you get qualified experts, appropriately skilled for your business operations, along with the flexibility in retaining them for an extended period. Having the right outsourcing partner can also benefit you in the form of reduced overhead costs

  • Cost-effectiveness - Salaries of professionals are significantly lower than those in North America and Europe. This wage differential translates into cost savings.

    24/7 operation - Offshore outsourcing offices located in Serbia are in the perfect time zone to help you operate 24/7.

    Large pool of talent - Retaining experienced employees becomes difficult when they are given boring and repetitive work. Tko. offers you a cost-effective talent pool that you can tap on for reliable service delivery.

    Best Practices - Focused heavily on quality and continuous process improvement, offshore outsourcing firms operate at high levels of efficiency, predictability, and reliability. High process maturity dramatically reduces risks and provides a significant advantage when managing service level agreements.

  • We are committed to the security and confidentiality of the information that you share with us. With the aim of giving you a safe outsourcing experience with maximum benefits, we have set up a reliable information security system.

    To ensure confidentiality of information, we encourage our customers to sign in a Confidential Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) at the very initial stage of the project discussion. The NDA has legal binding and is an important document that ensures total security of your information in our hands. We also do not publish about our client projects unless we get prior permission.

  • Our pricing model basically differs for each project undertaken, depending on your requirement. However, the general basis of pricing is common and is as follows.
    - Full-Time Equivalent (FTE)
    - Per piece rate
    - Fixed Price/Project-based
    - Hourly Rate

  • This is covered through clear termination clauses in our contract. However, we try to prevent such a situation from ever arising by providing you with clear problem escalation routes. You can raise any issue to the Operations Manager, and the CEO for redressal, and an appropriate solution will be provided.

  • The preferred method of payment is by wire transfer. For any other mode of payment, please contact our sales team.


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