23 Children Detained

 23 children and three adults detained for numerous thefts in Palma

Those held in custody gathered in groups of five or six to approach a single victim by intimidation by their mere presence, ordering to hand over any valuables, including smartphones. Despite their numeric superiority they resorted to violence even if the victim offered no resistance.

The investigations realised by the Palma Central District Police, in close collaboration with Minors Prosecutor in Palma, have established the stolen items taken by the children were then ‘collected’ by an African citizen who was living illegally in the Palma district of Son Gotleu.

During a searching of his home they found a hoard of many of the stolen items, and the weapons used a fake revolver and a knife which they used in their violence robberies.

Also confiscated and recovered were jewellery, smartphones, other electronic equipment, cash and 110 grams of cocaine with precision scales.

The operation has solved 41 crimes of violent robbery, 29 from inside cars, three forced burglaries, violence against occupants, and dozens of bag snatches, with a crime against public health.