How to make the most of your radio advertising package


In order for your radio advert to be effective, it is crucial that your message gets across in the shortest time possible, delivering the one key point of your message, with impact.

What´s the Point?

You need to get your point across in your advert, but what point? If your ad contains more than ONE key message, it becomes confusing and can so easily be lost.

There is a saying, “Radio ads are really good at saying one thing spectacularly, but spectacularly bad when trying to say too much”.

Keep it Brief

Adverts need to be short…

No more than 30 seconds long and no more than 70 words IN TOTAL.

Remember that telephone numbers are formed of multiple words, nine, six, five, seven, nine, one, eight, seven, two (9 words used already). Is the telephone number really necessary?

If quoting an internet address, do you really need the “double you, double you, double you, dot” (7 words gone).

Is it worth wasting time saying what the listener will never remember or will never be able to write down?

Share and Return

The most effective radio advertising compliments your marketing mix, supporting your brand message that appears in other formats such as newspapers.

Radio industry data shows that if 20% of a company´s existing advertising budget is reallocated from other media to radio, overall campaign ROI increases by 8%.

Get it Right

Following these guidelines will force a strong, clear and impactful radio advert.

If your advert is right, you WILL benefit. Brands using radio effectively get their money back nearly eight times over on average, in some cases, such as the retail sector, the return can easily be in excess of 20%, offering the best ROI of any media, according to industry data.