Could the Costa Blanca be white with snow?

costa snow

Spare a thought for us poor souls living and working on the Costa Blanca!   – Its not all Sun Sea and Sangria !

After a couple of days of temperatures close to 20°C, from Saturday they will drop noticeably and cold air will come to the fore. The entry of a mass of cold air from the north will bring proper winter temperatures.

The cold air will arrive with sunshine but wind so it will feel colder than the thermometers show. The maximum temperatures will bounce back up a bit on Monday and Tuesday, from Wednesday more cold air is expected to arrive which will make it even colder.

As of Friday the predictions indicated the temperatures would drop to about zero or even below in places inland in the Vega Baja during the second half of the week.

In this situation we have to ask will it snow near here? During the first half of this episode of cold we are talking about practically clear skies so no snow. But the prediction models point to the second cold frot, in the middle of next week, being more damp and there could be precipitation at very low altitudes. Some of these models even predict snow at sea level.

This last possibility has to be taken with a lot of caution, because it is a long range forecast and the situation is very complicated. We will have to see how it evolves over the coming days to see if in the end we could see what would be a historic snowfall. Either way, the fact it will be cold is certain.