Olympic Savings at TKO Radio

Olympic Savings at TKO Radio

It´s time for the 2016 Olympic Games to begin and with Rio being the host, we at TKO Radio have got ourselves in the carnival mood, shaking our maracas with a special deal for radio advertising. Three packages, bronze, silver and gold, three great prices.

But, to get you into the spirit of the games, sign up this week for a month (4 weeks), correctly predict who gets GOLD in ANY category and we will give you the next month FOR FREE! If your chosen country gets SILVER, you can have it for a quarter of the price, and if they get BRONZE, half price, what an Olympic bargain (see what we did there).

By the way, radio advertising doesn´t cost as much as you think. Take a look at what the packages start at.

Bronze – 150€ per month

Silver – 250€ per month

Gold – 350€ per month

There is a small production fee if you don´t have a 30 second advert ready, but we can talk about that when we come and see you. You do want us to come and see you, right?

Oh, and if you want to have a longer advert, no problem, you can upgrade if you like, we can even mix and match the packages so nobody loses out. Don´t tell the Russians, but we are all for performance enhancers when it comes to making sure your advertising works.

Remember though, you have to be like Usain Bolt and be quick, you only have this week to get your entry in and be in with a chance to get the next month for FREE.

Get in touch today by emailing admin@tko.media, or give us a call on 966 921 003, or our very own Baron de Coubertin (he´s really called Mark by the way) on mobile 679 096 309 and we will get one of our athletic team members to come to see you, without obligation, and tell you more. We don´t promise to bring our maracas though, you have to supply your own.

Olympic Savings on TKO