The TKO Record of the Week

For the next few weeks we will be turning to the TKO Presenters to make their own choices for the Record of the week – The brief was simple – Choose a track, old or new, that you love and want to share with our listeners – and tell everyone why you chose it …..
Starting off this week is Breakfast Presenter PETER HURST

Artist – The Raspberries

Artist – The Raspberries ! overnight_sensation_hit_recordpeter-old

Track Title – Overnight Sensation

This week sees us return to Presenter Picks – and we are starting off with Peter Hurst ( breakfast show )

 The song was written by band leader Eric Carmen, who also provided the lead vocals. It was the first single release from their fourth and final LP, Starting Over (Raspberries album). John Lennon, a Raspberries fan, particularly liked “Overnight Sensation.” He was present for part of the recording of the Starting Over LP[1] and, although uncredited is said to have assisted with the production of this track.
Peter says : I heard and loved this tune when it was first released at the age of about 17 – Brilliant harmonies – very beach boys like in places – great Piano parts and very musical with a rocky feel – At the time of its release I was playing keyboards in a couple of bands – and the one frustration was that none of us were ever quite good enough to be able to learn the tune – particularly the drummer – who was only in the band because he had a van ! – Watch out for the false ending – If you love drumming – you will absolutely love this – It sounds like the drummer explodes ! Eat ya heart out Phil Collins ! ….

Tune in to TKO all week to listen to the song and give your opinion by emailing, or post your opinion on our Face book page – TKO Spain

Next week it will be Trev Masseys pick for the ROTW