TKO goes Country !

tim-rogers_100x100Do you like a bit of Yee Haaaa! – Well now TKO brings you the biggest and most revered Country Music presenter ….Mr Tim Rogers ! Listen to Classic Tunes – New Tunes and the latest Country Charts every Sunday on your favourite station from 3 to 5 …. and just who is Tim Rogers you ask ?
Here is who he is……….
Tim Rogers Tim started his broadcasting career on Radio Trent in 1979, went on to also broadcast on Xtra AM in Birmingham and eventually was to be found on Gem Am in the East Midlands. He presented the National Country Show on the Classic Gold Network, ( which included numerous broadcasts from Nashville ,WSM Radio, The Country Music Hall Of Fame, The Grand Ole Opry etc,) and then “Saga Country” on SAGA 106.6 FM. In February 2007 Tim won the coveted CMA (Nashville)International Broadcasters Award for outstanding contributions to Country Music. He joined the internet Station CMR Nashville in March 2007. He returns to CMR Nashville from Sunday 7th September 2014 Tim Rogers was once described by a Country Music contemporary as being “the local Country Music Presenter who was the benchmark for us all from the 70’s onwards..” Tim Rogers East Midlands Creative Radio Services ‘Creating Sound Ideas’