TKO Presenters Caught…………………..


trev-massey Peter Hurst has been captured on camera doing his ‘other’ job – as a NakedChef-O- Gram ! …. alledgedly !  Other even more revealing pictures are known to exist – however a movement created on twitter is currently collecting funds to pay him not to reveal any more than he is doing here !
Meanwhile – in an unusual move, Trev Massey has been caught looking positively normal – a spokesman for Massey said – ´this is most unlike Trevor – the picture seems to have been taken during daylight – and there is no sign of a drink in his hand – we are most concerned that he may be unwell or was forced into posing for the picture….´

Both TKO presenters will be taking a well deserved weekend off – but fear not . they return to the studio on Monday!
Catch Peter Hurst – fully clothed – for The Breakfast Show from 8 am – and an almost sober Trev Massey from 11am
A Happy Friday and wonderful weekend to you all 🙂 x