To sell – or to Buy ? You need the Auction …. That isnt !

Tune into BREAKFAST on TKO – Fridays from 8am –  with Subastas La Daya – Buy n Sell – without the wait !

Subastas La Daya used to hold an auction every Friday – but – they found people inpatient to both buy and sell – so now you can haggle and buy – or take your unwanted items in for sale – EVERY DAY  – from 10 to 3 and from 10 to 1 on Saturdays! – Also…some amazing deals on BRAND NEW white goods – ovens – hobs –  keetle slow cookers and much more – and all availaboe for delivery and full guaranteed !Visit SubastasLa Daya – just off junction 740 of the AP7 – direction Formentura –  or to the Face Book Page – Subastas La Daya – or visit

They even have Garden sheds !