Torrevieja May Fair ……… In October !!

Torrevieja May Fair ……… In October !!

The Torrevieja Feria de Mayo (May Fair), renowned for its Sevillanas dancing, will have to wait until October this year. Councillor Domingo Pérez revealed the date on Wednesday having said a few weeks ago it would be postponed because of a delay in the contract procedure.

Pérez explained that the Contracts department worked out that for the contract to be done legally the fair could not be held until June 19th at the earliest.

To choose the new date they had to take other factors into consideration, and the mayor and councillors met with the fairground workers (who have to pack up to make room for the May fair) and the Casa de Andalucía Rafael Alberti, who are in contact with everyone else who could be affected by the change.

They decided to avoid the summer because Torrevieja is too busy and it is too hot, even sometimes in September. For this reason they chose the Virgen del Pilar fiesta week from October 9th-15th and both the fairground workers and the Casa de Andalucía agreed.

The Casa de Andalucía even noted that other places have fairs in October and Pérez assured it could be “a good epilogue to the summer”. He emphasised that the council still hope to put the fair back on in May in 2018 and will start working on this contract early, as they are with the ones for the patron saint fiestas and the Three Kings parade.